Trumped up apples

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook about having tahini on apples.

trumped up apples

And that kinda sparked a few ideas around the place.

T, one of the ladies I work with, has Herbamare on her apples. Yes, Herbamare. Essentially just salt. Salty apple… I was brave enough to give it a go but I could not be converted. T, however, has a loyal band of Apple-Herbamare groupies.

trumped up apples

Then M, another one of the work ladies, decides it’s worth trying Vegemite on apple. Again, essentially just salt. Again, I tried. But could not be converted. No surprises that T likes it. Weirdos!

trumped up apples

Another friend, KB, piped up that she does almond spread on apple. Now that I can understand. Haven’t tried it yet, but I get it.

And yet another friend, based on the other side of the world, just happened to post a pic of her breakfast that had me intrigued. Toast, peanut butter, sultanas and apple.

trumped up apples

This one, I just have to try. It sounds amazing.

My favourite sandwich growing up was a peanut butter and sultana combo, so I reckon rebevil_h’s creation will be right up my alley.

Red VS Green trumped up apples

When I asked T and M if I could use their ideas for this post, they insisted I add info on the red VS green debate. T likes a red, sweet apple for her Herbamare creation. She thinks it’s vital.

M quite enjoyed her Vegemite on green, but thinks it would be better on red.

Both enjoy the sweet/savoury combo which, clearly, I don’t. (Starting to think I’m the odd one out here!)

For me, it’s all about red apples. And they’ve gotta be crunchy.

How do you pick a crunchy apple?

Well that’s easy, if you know how. I invented what I call the ‘toss test’. Yep, I’m a tosser.

Note to self: stop confessing on this platform…

To do the toss test, grab an apple and toss it a little way in the air (straight up!) and catch it with a slap in your hand. The sound it makes will tell you if it’s crunchy or floury.

A crunchy apple will sound harsh. A floury apply will sound damp.

Try it with a few different types and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

So what do you think of trumped up apples? A pleasant twist on an old favourite? Or just messing with Mother Nature?


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