The Protein Bread Co low carb pancakes

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’d know I’m a new fan of The Protein Bread Co – a company dedicated to making low carb options both accessible and delicious.

I’ve had the Pancake mix for a while and had made one batch that were OK.

This time I added some sweetener and put some effort into serving them with other tasty things and the result was pretty good.

The end result was not like a wheat pancake but for the comparative carb count, well worth it.

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  1. Mix together the pancake mix, egg, milk and sweetener and let stand for five minutes.
    low carb pancakes
  2. Pan fry in batches.
  3. Cook some frozen berries until they're soft and a bit liquidy.
  4. Serve pancakes with berries and cream.
Recipe Notes

You can sweeten the cream if you've got a real sweet tooth!


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