On this page you’ll find off-the-shelf products that I’ve found to fit into our lives as we cut down carbs.


Slendier range of pasta and rice

                                                                                           What they say:

The secret to Slendier’s delicious, fat-stripping effect is konjac… an ancient Japanese vegetable used for thousands of years to provide satisfying and low-calorie accompaniment to everyday meals.

What I say:

Slendier pasta has a great likeness to rice noodles and it’s a very satisfying option. It comes packed in a fluid and all you have to do is rinse it and make sure the last rinse is with hot water before serving. Be warned, the fluid has a strong fishy smell; definitely not what you’d expect. That smell does not transfer to taste or affect any aspect of your meal – great pasta alternative.


Remano Pasta Sauce

                                                                                             What they say:

Available in Bolognese, Tomato, Onion & Garlic and Chunky Garden Vegetables

What I say:

Technically, we shouldn’t be having tomato-based dishes as they’re too quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and spike sugar levels. Sometimes though, you just need a warming meal that’s tomato based and this is where Remano comes in. Available from Aldi, it’s carb count is a very respectable 5.9%; slightly above my aim of only buying products that are 5% or under on the carb count, but that’s close enough for a sometimes meal!

Herbamare® original

                                                                                            Herbamare What they say:

A.Vogel Herbamare® is a herbal seasoning salt prepared from a combination of 12 fresh, organically grown herbs and vegetables made according to the original formula of the famous Swiss Naturopath A.Vogel. The fresh ingredients are combined with natural sea salt and allowed to steep for up to 12 months. The moisture is then removed by a special vaccum process at low temperature, allowing all the goodness of the ingredients to be absorbed by the salt crystals.

What I say:

Herbamare® is just made for avocado. It’s also delicious in salad dressings or in place of normal salt on the milder vegetables like zucchini or button squash. You can find it in the major supermarkets in the health food section, usually on the top shelf.  It’s not cheap but a little goes a long way and it lasts a long time.


THOMY mayonnaise

                                                                                                   Mayo What they say:

THOMY can turn good food into great food. With our range of handy and delicious mayonnaise, mustard, dressing, sauce, oils, and spreads, THOMY products effortlessly transform a simple snack into a gourmet affair with the twist of a lid.

What I say:

I really don’t like when sugar is unnecessarily added to savoury foods and commercial mayonnaise is one of those regular culprits.  Most brands are packed full of the sweet stuff and to me it’s just disgusting. Enter Thomy: whole egg deliciousness that’s not sweet. Check out the nutritional panel for the carb count.  I’ve only found it in Woolies recently.