When it’s OK that your doctor calls you a MTHFR

I never thought I would say these words, let alone shout them from the rooftops, yet the day has come that I proudly proclaim “I’m a MTHFR!” Well, more accurately, I’m a MTHFR mutant. More scientifically, I have a mutation of the Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase gene. See, I wasn’t swearing! MTHFR mutations are a relatively new […]

eating out

How the heck do you cut down carbs when eating out?

Back in our first year of dating, before we ventured into cut-down-carbs-land, we would occasionally grab a burger for dinner. And ‘apparently’, I’d do something very embarrassing. I’d take the lid off. No, that’s not a euphemism. I’d take the top of the bun off. And the bottom too if it wasn’t stuck down with […]

are we eating too much

Are we eating too much?

WARNING: I’m going to address a contentious topic: food volume. CAVEAT: I’m not talking about anyone in particular, more Western society in general. It really shouldn’t be a contentious topic, but there is a lot of defensiveness around the volume people eat. Possibly related to a lack of willingness to take responsibility for their own situation. […]


Induction: is it all it’s cracked up to be?

For the past four years I’ve been in kitchen hell. Ok, ‘kitchen hell’ is going too far. But the situation has NOT been ideal. And that’s because I’ve been separated from four of my favourite kitchen things: Scanpan pan – small Scanpan pan – medium Scanpan pan – large Scanpan wok (she’s my favourite) I […]


How to have hot dogs while you cut down carbs

Throughout my childhood, my Mum would often say “I’d rather have hot dogs with you kids than a banquet with the queen.” The sentiment was lovely but it was always delivered with a heavy hand of disdain through the words ‘hot’ and ‘dogs’. Suffice to say, hot dogs weren’t a staple. Actually, I can’t remember one […]



Sauerkraut is a really easy side dish to make that you can have on hand for use anytime. It does take two weeks to cure though!


Product: Nakula coconut yoghurt

Before we get started today, I’m going to make a confession: I’m coco-loco. Totally crazy for coconuts. Young coconuts, mature coconuts, coconut smoothies, dried coconut. Pretty much anything coconut (except the prepackaged coconut water) is a favourite of mine. So a few years ago I was delighted to discover CoYo, a completely dairy-free yoghurt that’s […]

three-mustard chicken

Three-mustard chicken

I know it’s odd, but I don’t normally start cooking with the end in mind. Instead, I start with ingredients I want us to eat and find a way to make it tasty. Usually it turns out OK and sometimes I create something I’ll put on the list to make again. Three-mustard chicken is one […]


How to make your vegetables last longer

How annoying is it when you go to use some of your veggies only to discover they’re no longer considered to be in the land of the living? I was struggling with this when my Mum shared a tip with me on how to make your vegetables last longer. Paper towel. That’s pretty much it. […]