Low carb bread from The Protein Bread Co.

Finally!  I’ve found a bread that we can eat! Low carb bread from The Protein Bread Co is the shizz (in technical terms).

When a reader sent through a savoury muffins recipe, I finally found The Protein Bread Co. I don’t know under which rock I’d been hiding, but I’d not heard of them before then.

A quick search online brought me to their store where I grabbed a pack of the Protein Bread Mix – 6 Australian Seeds loaf and a Protein Pancake Mix (haven’t used this one yet!).

All I had to do for the bread was add a few eggs, some water and vinegar to the dry ingredients and bake for an hour. Easy. Done. Low carb bread loaf freshly baked.

It was so good, it disappeared before I could take a photo of it!

At $12 (free delivery), it’s not a cheap loaf of bread but it’s only got 4.5% carb.

And I’ll admit to being a little dubious as to how close to bread it would be, but my fears were allayed. It’s definitely not wheat bread but it’s by far the closest thing I’ve found. And because of the protein content, it’s super filling.

I was so excited to be able to have sandwiches and toasties again!

Bryan loves it and it didn’t spike his sugar levels. And – bonus – no bloaty belly for me!

I’ve since found a double pack of the plain Protein Bread Mix for $20 in a health food store – a bit cheaper!

So if you’re after a low carb bread that’s pretty darn close to ‘real’ bread, The Protein Bread Co has you covered.

Here’s a pic of the freshly baked Protein Bread:

low carb bread



The above is a total fan-girl piece, no payment or product received.



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