I love carbs, I really do.  I think you’d have to be a very unique individual if you genuinely didn’t like any carbs at all.

But something happened to me in 2010 that changed my life forever.

2010 was the year that I met Bryan, the man that is now my husband. Pretty soon after we met, I fell in love and I fell hard.

Right from the get go I had this overwhelming urge to feed him; to nourish him, I guess. And right from our fist date, I wanted to protect him from the Type 1 Diabetes he told me he had.

Now this story is a bone of contention, but I still maintain that I ate half his dessert to stop him elevating his sugar levels. He maintains I ate half of his dessert because I was a dessert thief. Tom-ay-to / tom-ah-to.

He’d never taken much care of himself as a diabetic. Being diagnosed at age 17 probably wasn’t ideal and he had the philosophy that if he made it to 35, that’d be a miracle. He was after quality of life, not quantity; to him, ‘quality’ meant good food and no lack of it.

After a year we moved in together and I took up the majority of the cooking and I started to notice that certain foods seemed to sit better with him. It was then that I started to research all that I could about diabetes. I started with books, spent some time at the pH Miracle Centre in San Diego and finally stumbled across Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution.

Dr Bernstein operates under the premise that a diabetic can’t handle carbohydrates and so he or she should avoid consuming them. Entirely.

It took me a good while to convince Bryan that low carb was worth trying, but over the years we’ve proven that low carb is by far the best ‘diet’ for him.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of his efforts to stick to what I believe is a very hard diet to adhere to in Western society.

We’ve gone through ‘good’ patches and ‘bad’. Some longer than others. Every time we’re solidly low carb his blood test results improve dramatically and the improvement to his health, namely his glucose levels, are noticeable within 24 hours and clearly marked within a week.

So that’s why carbs are off the menu for us. So that he’ll still be here later in life. He’s already surpassed his previous goal of scraping through to 35, I plan to get him into his 80’s.

So that’s my motivation.

And it’s not to say we don’t have cheat days or blowouts.

It’s a learning curve and a long one at that.

Stick with me, the best is yet to come!


IMG_5121This is a recent shot of us at the wedding of some good friends.


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